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Ho Technical University believes engineers are one of the core problem solvers that Africa needs to rub shoulders with the rest of the world. To realise this, the Faculty of Engineering focuses in providing students limitless opportunities to harness and hone their skills and creativity through research and innovation. Being a Faculty working with the collective mandate of the University, we place emphasis on hands-on practical skills imbued with industry relevance.

Believing in producing “Enginepreneurs”, students of the Faculty are encouraged and matched with major industry players to take compulsory internship where opportunities abound for exchange of knowledge which is beneficial to both academia and industry.



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The aim of the faculty is to become a dynamic and advanced epicenter for training engineers capable of solving societal challenges through leadership, teamwork and communication.

Our Laboratories/Workshops

The Faculty is equipped with state of the art pertinent workshops and laboratories, such as the Amatro Laboratory, HTU-JMTC Auto Mechanic Workshop, to aid practical skill acquisition, teaching and research. 


The Faculty ensures collaboration and partnership with giant industry players and other higher educational institutions such as Japan motors trading company, DTI , KNUST, Rhein Val University, Lahti University to facilitate teaching research and exchange programmes and activities.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering

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Faculty Of Engineering 

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Departments Under Faculty of Engineering



The Agricultural Engineering Department is one of the five (5) academic departments under the Faculty of Engineering. The department currently runs three (3) programmes namely Bachelor of Technology (BTech.) in Agricultural Engineering, HND (CBT) in Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural Engineering Technician 1.

The department currently runs a two–year (2-year) Master of Technology (MTech.) programme in Agricultural Engineering which took off from the 2016/2017 academic year.

The Bachelor of Technology (BTech.) programme is structured as a post-HND qualification and is being run in collaboration with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi.

The HND programme is run on a Competency Based Training (CBT) system which is hands-on, student-centered, task-based and competency-oriented.  Students graduate with specialization in Post-harvest Technology, Mechanization and Machinery and Soil and Water Engineering options. At the non-tertiary level, the department admits students for Agricultural Engineering Technician I.

Agricultural Engineering Department, in collaboration with other institutions and industry aims at providing specialized education and training in the engineering sciences and its applications to agriculture to enable graduates to meet the industrial challenges of the engineering profession in a rapidly changing environment such as exists in a developing country like Ghana.

The department of Civil Engineering was decoupled from the Department of Building Technology in the year 2016 to train students in design, construction and management in order to fit into the competitive and dynamic profession of Civil Engineers. As a new department, the department is striving to produce civil engineers to help develop the country and beyond.


Established in 1996, The Electricals/Electronic Department runs various programmes in electrical/electronic engineering field for power systems, instrumentation and control and telecommunication system for industries in Ghana. The products from the department are trained to be self-sufficient and reliance. With six month industrial exposure, students acquire improved entrepreneurial skills, ready to make significant impact in the Ghanaian economy. The department has graduated well over One thousand, nine hundred graduates to strengthen the manpower requirement of Ghanaian electrical/electronic industry. Our graduates are found in major industry players and partners breaking bounds and contributing to problem solving on the electrical/electronic sector of Ghana and other parts of Africa.

Graduates from the department are equipped to prolong life of equipment, instruments, machines, structures and infrastructures,  Also, it is imperative for graduates to acquire business skills to complement their technical training as every student, at the end of their third year take courses to whet their entrepreneurship and business management skills. In this business, it is either we lead or stay very close to the leaders.

The objectives of the Department are to teach and train the students to:

  • Understand the concepts and principles of Electricity, Electronics, Instruments and Measurements, Control theory and practice, Telecommunications, the Computer and the concepts of Power in both theory and applications.
  • Acquire the proper techniques in the use of tools, instruments and equipment, to develop skills in design, troubleshooting and repairs
  • Apply their knowledge in the correct use of electricity to follow procedures and safety precautions, in order to promote safe working environment.
  • Acquire the ability to prepare layout, install and commission industrial equipment and offer electrical/electronic engineering services.
  • Train the young men and women to be formidable entrepreneurs in their chosen careers.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering has roots in the General Engineering Department and prides itself for producing hundreds of skilled professionals in the various sectors in the Ghanaian Economy and beyond.

The Department offers Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) programme in Automobile Engineering and Higher National Diploma (HND) in Mechanical Engineering with options in Automobile and Production Engineering.  The Department also runs Motor Vehicle Technicians (MVT) Parts I and II programmes at non Tertiary level.

The objectives of the Department are to produce effective and efficient human resource base for the transport industry, the road traffic management sector, plant maintenance and manufacturing for the working world.

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Ho Technical University is a secular and non-partisan public institution. Admissions and academic awards are based on merit without regard to ethnicity, race or nationality, religious affiliation or beliefs, physical disabilities or gender. Academic and social interactions within the University are governed by the principles of fair play, justice, honesty, moral rectitude, and respect for authority, human rights and the environment.

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