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Faculty of Built And Natural Environment

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The Faculty of Built and Natural Environment guides students to translate research and theoretical knowledge in Building technology to constructively erect edifices with professional and competent skills. We provide the appropriate facilities and opportunities for our students to become dependable, critical problem solvers in the building technology and construction industry upon graduating with our degree and HND programme.

We equip students with the basic knowledge in building technology regarding design of sustainable buildings, accurate reading and interpretation of project drawings and preparation of realistic estimates in terms of cost, materials and Labour for all building works which is a major challenge in the building industry especially in Africa.

We imbibe in our students, research skills, a critical component in exploring solutions and in applying new concepts in the built environment which most practitioners lack. Studying with us therefore gives you the confidence of becoming indispensable professional wherever you find yourself in the chain operation within the industry.


Critical Thinking

Analytical Skill

Construction Industry

The aim of the programme is to empower students with the requisite critical thinking and analytical skills required to perform in the very competitive and fast evolving construction industry.



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